The Best Natural Fertilizer : Use Rice water for Plants with Many Benefits

The Best Natural Fertilizer : Use Rice water for Plants with Many Benefits -- Without realizing it, rice water has quite a lot of benefits for all needs. Especially for plant fertilizers that will provide the best nutrition. Many nutritions such as phosphorus, nutrients, potassium, calcium, and magnesium that make fertilizer good for plants. As well as being a natural and ecological solution that does not pollute the environment. The benefits of rice water are scientifically proven, you can see in the following reviews:


Recognize rice water is often made without knowing what its benefits are. Rice water store a lot of nutrients and is a nutritious kitchen by-product for the use of plant fertilizers.


According to research, the content contained in rice water has many nutrients such as protein, crude fiber, free amino acids, calcium and others. 

In addition to providing adequate and complete nutrients for plants, rice water is also environmentally friendly and better than tap water, can promote plant growth, increase healthy bacteria in the soil, be pocket friendly and increase crop and fruit productivity.


To use rice water, you can add it to a clean spray bottle and spray the plants from above and below the leaves. Do this in the morning or evening so that the plant absorb nutrients and moisture.


How to make rice water you can make it by washing the rice grains, boiling or filtering the remaining water.

If you are soaking or washing, this is the fastest way to make the water tasteful and take a bowl to add rice and water to soak.

If you're boiling, do for 30 - 45 minutes and strain.


Precautions when using rice water, you can keep it at room temperatures so as not to kill bacteria in the soil. Avoid excessive watering so as not to rot the roots and turn yellow leaves.

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