Super Easy Houseplants to Propagate -- After having plants, we become greedy. We want to have more of those plants to shade and refresh the house with plants. Luckily, plant propagation can be done easily, such as leaf cutting, water propagation and so on. If you are interested in having plants that are easy to propagate. Here are super easy houseplants to propagate.

Philodenderon Burle Marx


Philodendron are renowned for their ease of care and ease of propagation. You can propagate Burle Marx by cutting the stems in leca or with sphagnum moss.  The cutting stem and leaf, place them on water to grow the roots until they are ready to be planted in small pots with well-draining soil mix. 

Heartleaf Philodendron


Who is not fascinated by this sweetheart plant? With heart-shaped foliage that will give a romantic vibe in the room. This plant is also so easy to propagate. You only need to cut 3-6 inch stems with the lower end leaves removed. Then, plant it in mixed potting soil or with a container of water to grow the roots first. 

Chinese Money Plant


Chinese Money Plant or Pilea plants are houseplants with adorable little round glossy leaves. If properly cared for, the Chinese Money Plant can grow as lush and beautiful as this. You can separate the mother plant from the plantet and then transfer it to a small container with good drainage holes. 

Tradescantia Pink Nanouk


This houseplant with variegated pink leaves will give you natural beauty that will amaze you. Luckily, if you have one tradescantia pink nanouk you can easily reproduce. You can propagate using one of 3 methods: stem cutting in soil, stem cutting in water and simply by dividing the mother plant from the tillers. 

Rubber plant


Rubber plant are indoor plants that you may see often. You can cut the rubber plant and replant it. Choose a healthy stem with smudge-free leaves. Cut it with a sharp knife, clean it and plant it in potting soil. Then, put it in a warm, sunny location and let it grow healthy and lush. 

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