So Lovely Rare Black Orchid Varieties Most to Have


So Lovely Rare Black Orchid Varieties Most to Have -- Black orchid is one of the flowers whose origin is still being debated. For lovers of ornamental plants with dark flower, this orchid will be your interest. This plant has many varieties, and makes fans love its beautiful color even more. See some list of rare orchids below:

Vanda X-7


Deep black petals that will give the impression of this dramatic twist lightly. The look is perfect with 5 petals and a beautiful purple-and-white flower on the inside.

Black Dragon Orchid


This orchid is very rare. Its butterfly-like petals can grow productively, with buds evenly distributed along the flower stalk. Will be in full bloom and arranged alternately. Produces up to your flowers stalks at flowering and is very valuable to have.

Phalaenopsis black prince

Considered the black orchid that ever existed. This flower is special, with a white mark in the middle. Grows to a height of about 17 - 20 cm, with a flower diameter of 2.5 inches. With the characteristics and ways of care, this plant will have changes for the number and flower stalks.

Fredclarkeare After Dark


The following is an orchid plant that has a strong aroma and makes a valuable variety. Dark maroon flowers can grow in one stalk of about 25 flowers. Proper care makes this plant produce 4 flower stalks and is considered the most beautiful orchid plant.

The Black Jewel Orchid


Native to Southeast Asia, the Ludisia discolor naturally grows under the forest canopy. While we think this plant has a beautiful bloom, it is unlike most other Orchids grows in our homes, as the Jewel Orchid is prizes for its foliage rather than its flower. The black jewel orchid features deep velvety black leaves with pink pinstripes that appear to be hand painted.

The Black Pearl Orchid


This strong aroma makes this orchid quire unique and so the choice. This deep black best color is sure to provide bright, indirect lighting. Grow in clusters to form clumps. The stem has tubers with an ovoid shape and has two elliptical leaves that rise upwards.

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