Snake Plant - Care, Types, Benefits | Propagation of Snake Plant -- Snake plants or sansevierias are a favorite for many plant lovers. There is at least one or several types of snake plants in their house. Snake plants are special. Known as hardy plant and a resilient plant that can live in poor conditions, where other plants will not survive in that situation. For example, spots with minimal light, infrequent watering, and even neglect. Let's find out more about snake plant in: snake plant - care, types, benefits | propagation of snake plant.

70 species of Sansevieria


There are about 70 species of sansevieria. This plant is classified as a succulent that grow well as a houseplant. You may know this plant as the mother-in-law's tongues plant, the viper's bowstring hemp, or the snake plant as the green leaves got long sword-shaped with pointed end. However, some types of tropical sansevieria such as Sansevieria cylindrical and starfish have cylindrical fat leaves with pointed ends. 

Low maintenance


Snake plant can grow well even in poor conditions and minimal care. However, it's good idea to provide conditions that they like to keep them fresh and happy. 

Light requirements: Snake plant tolerate low light, but they prefer bright, indirect light. Bright light helps to bring out the best leaf color. Some snake plants hate direct light, as it can scorch their leaves. 

Water requirements: They don't have to be watered too often. Snake plants need well-drained soil to grow well. Water when the soil is completely dry, allowing the water to drain from the drainage holes to prevent root rot.  

Climate: Snake plant survives well at room temperature. 

Fertilazation; give fertilizer once a month in spring and summer. 

Benefits of snake plant


Reported by research on air-toxins filter plants by NASA, Snake plants are included in plants that actively reduce Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Trichloroethylene. You will also get cleaner and healthier air to breathe. 

Your Living Decor


A good placement of snake plant will also be a mental health booster for you. You'll get a living decoration that makes your living space even more stunning. 

Flowering snake plant


Did you know that the snake plant is basically a flowering plant? Maybe, you will rarely see a flowering snake plant. This is not surprising, considering that a flowering snake plant is a sign of harmless stress conditions. The flowers exude a unique spicy vanilla scent. 

Snake plant propagation


It's quite easy to propagate snake plants. You can do cutting leaves. Put them in clear water by doing water propagation, or simply plant them directly in the soil. Put the bottom part into the soil or clear water. Place it in indirect light and wait for it until it grow lush and healthy roots, before you move it into a bigger pot. 

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