Small Garden Designs and Features You Can't Miss -- Many of us may not be blessed with a large garden. Maybe, we only have a limited, small area that can be used as a home garden. Size should not make hesitate to get our dream garden. There are small garden designs and features that help to make a small footage a fresh garden and give you satisfaction while you are there. For you, here are Small Garden Designs and Features You Can't Miss.

Freshly beautiful small balcony garden

Turn a small plain balcony into a stunning small balcony garden. The narrow, elongated plot of land looks good and features a small gravel raised-bed with water falling from a natural bamboo shower. The greenery is nicely placed around the garden. The pallet of bamboo sticks is wall-mounted, which allows you to have a fresh vertical garden

Lively balcony garden design


Balcony garden design with a vibrant and colorful loo. The balcony floor is covered with grass rug with soft cushions to make you comfortable sitting there. Make the balcony a place to grow your favorite colored plants and flowers. Adding bright color accents will also make the balcony lively and lovely. 

Small and serene garden features

A garden is also expected to bring peace. Present a small garden feature to get a calming and fresh atmosphere. You can choose a garden statue that makes you feel calm just by looking at it. The arrangement can be made simple but symmetrical for those of us who like balance. 

Fabulous waterfall garden features

Small plots of land for gardens need nothing else with a waterfall feature like this. This water feature has a compact design. With large steps of wooden legs arranged on 4 levels for a stunning waterfall effect. This water feature also has plots for growing crops. Underneath, there is a pond that you can fill with ornamental fish. 

Small fresh garden with water feature


The garden in one box is suitable for filling a small corner in the house. You can use a pond box with a small waterfall feature and special boxes for fresh houseplants. Although small, here you can grow beautiful small ornamental fish to make a small garden so gorgeous. 

Small terraced garden


Make access to the main door more special. For uneven ground, you can create a terraced container garden like this. Two sides of the terraced container garden between the walkways, it looks like a welcoming gate for you to enter the house. 

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