Simple Dream Balcony Ideas for Your Home -- Make the balcony your best place to relax and unwind. The key is simply to have the best balcony design. Get a dream balcony that feels comfortable and makes you want to linger there. The dream balcony is not about a spacious balcony with many luxurious decor elements. Even with a modest area, you can get a dream balcony. Find inspiration for a stunning balcony ideas and designs on simple dream balcony ideas for your home.

Bring a warm mattress!


Make the balcony a seasonal place to spend a certain season. Cold windy season, you can still be on the balcony. Just take a mattress with warm pillows into the place. Make it the main furniture on the balcony. These soft furnishings also complement the balcony with natural wood Boho accents like this. 

Use moveable chairs 


Choose a furniture design that fits the dimensions and shape of the balcony. A balcony without a roof is certainly more susceptible to dust or even rain. So, adjust the balcony with furniture. Pick the type of lightweight moveable chairs as a set on your small, roofless balcony. You don't have to worry about the furniture getting dirty or damaged.

Surround yourself with flowers


Balconies can be a favorite place for flowers and plants to grow. Direct bright light and fresh air are favored by plants. Flowers in pots will also be useful as decorations that freshen up the balcony. You can also decorate the balcony railing using the railing planter as above.

Have a romantic, warm evening on the balcony


Think night lighting for a dream balcony. The lighting will set the mood while you are there. You can install main lighting to illuminate the entire balcony. Get additional lighting that will give a certain effect. You can have a warm romantic evening on the balcony by installing dimmed string light bulbs. 

Shining vertical garden


Balcony with wider vertical space, this will look good by installing wooden pallets there. A vertical garden will complement the balcony design with a fresh natural style. Potted plants will stick well to this white palette. Moreover, adding these string lights will create a vibrant green vertical garden.

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