Share your Best Indoor Plants for Any Room in Your House


Share your Best Indoor Plants for Any Room in Your House -- By adding a little color or life to the room in the house will not be more profitable with the presence of ornamental plants. Of course these plants have various benefits for freshness and at least can be chosen from the level of difficulty of care share your best indoor plants in the review below:


This option can be toxic to your pet. But you can have it by placing it in an area that is difficult for animals to reach in the house and rarely passes. This dracaena is the easiest plant to care for, thrives in any light.

ZZ plant

ZZ plants are very striking in appearance include plants that can tolerate low light indoors/these plants can be left to live in dark corners and have watering savings that can be made when the soil is dry.


The atmosphere of the room will look tropical with this one plant. Palms only need to watered for a few weeks, with much easier handling. You can make this palm as a plant for beginners that is difficult to kill.

Fiddle fig

This violin type rubber plant has bright green wide leaves. Can be watered just 2 weeks in the summer and once a month if in the water because it is helped thanks to its natural dormancy cycle.

Ficus Lyrata

This rubber plant or commonly called ficus lyrata will grow as a lush and compact plant. In addition to being an indoor plant, you can place it in the yard that can grow tall and fertile.

Spider plant

Spider plants are also a fun choice of indoor plants for decoration. Its slender form with thin green-white leaves can flower at the right time. Thrives and thrives in direct and is easy for beginners.


Snake plants are indeed the toughest indoors plants. You can place it anywhere and practical to fill the room. You need this plant to remove various pollutants in the room and can be left to dry between watering for a few days.

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