Most Popular Houseplants You Can Grow in Hanging Basket

Most Popular Houseplants You Can Grow in Hanging Basket -- Choosing a hanging basket for plants is very practical to be placed anywhere. Even above the bath, you can use plants to prepare a mature space decoration. There are some of the following varieties that you can grow indoors with trailing, dangling to curling plants.

Callisia Repens 'Variegata'


Callisia repens is an adorable mini-sized ornamental plant with green and pink leaves. This plant is perfect for hanging plants. This cultivar is beautiful in color and grows vines with low maintenance.

Senecio Rowleyanus


String of pearls or senecio rowlenyanus is an ornamental plant that is often called tasbih succulent. This bean-shaped plant can grow vines on the ground with a green color, which is native to southwest Africa. This plant is easy to care for, watering that is only sprayed onto the top.

String of Hearts


String of heart also known as cerepoegia woodi which is a beautiful trailing succulent and can be added to any living space. This plant is very tolerant of neglected care. Can grow to 2 - 3 inches long and abou 3 - 9 feet long.

Christmas Cactus


There's no reason to grow Christmas cactus as a popular houseplant. This plant will produce tubular flowers and colorful. Easy maintenance, so it is very suitable to be used as a hanging basket plant in the room.

Ruby Necklace


Trailing succulents, also known as string rubies, are thin ovals with reddish-purple stems. These strands of rubies have unique characteristics and can be up to 2 inches high. Can bloom in spring, summer to autumn.

Hoya krimson princess


The following plants are from the lily plant family, commonly called Hoya krimson princess. Plants that are loved by many and become the center of attention have the lowest maintenance and are easy to care for. Place it in an area that gets bright, indirect light. This plant is also drought tolerant, so it can be watered a few inches above the soil when dry.

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