Indoor Plants That Absorb Radiation -- We live where we cannot be far from gadgets or other electronic goods. We certainly know that modern gadgets emit radiation that's harmful to health. Radiation exposure causes frequent headaches and increases stress levels. But we are lucky enough, at least there are some plants believed to absorb radiation. Keeping it in your home can overcome the unpleasant symptoms of radiation exposure. It also makes the house nicer and fresher. 

Find out 6 indoor plants that absorb radiation for your home!

1. Aloe vera


Aloe vera plant is known for its soothing gel benefits for healthy skin and hair. Moreover, the aloe vera plant is effectively at absorbing high levels of radiation. This plant also cleans the air by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Super easy care is a bonus of having aloe vera at home. 

2. Betel Leaf Plant


Betel leaf plant has been scientifically studied to reduce radiation exposure. Researchers in the Department of Biochemistry at the Graduate Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, in Kolkata, India examined the extract of this plant. It shows that extract of betel leaf plant effectively prevents radiation-induced DNA. That way, this plant is believed highly effective for absorbing radiation exposure in the office and home.

3. Snake Plant


Snake plant is a popular indoor plant. It's being known for its leaves that look good in any interior style. Snake plant also have a great benefit to our body. The plant convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, make us able to breathe a fresh air. Snake plants absorb over 100 types of pollutant. You can place the snake plant near the Wi-Fi router or other device that emit radiation. It's a good way to keep your home fresh and healthy.

4. Asparagus Fern


Asparagus fern has feathery, light foliage that can be successfully grown indoor. This is a great plant to make your home freshly beautiful. The asparagus fern is a strong plant that absorb radiation. This plant is rich in antioxidant property to counter the adverse effect of radiation exposure.

5. Rubber plant


You can't miss having a rubber plant at home. These plants add drama and elegance to your home. The interesting thing is that rubber plants also absorb harmful radiation. It would be great to place it next to the TV to effectively reduce radiation exposure.

6. Cactus


Cactus is a radioactive absorber plant. This statement is corroborated by NASA research on houseplants and their benefit. NASA found that cacti are effective at absorbing EMF radiation. This thorny plant can also absorb radiation generated from computer use.

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