Indoor Hanging Plants for Home: Types, Display Ideas, and Benefits -- If you feel that vertical space such as walls or near windows look empty and boring, make it lively by installing indoor hanging plants. Hanging plants with beautiful dangling leaves will make your room more lively too. In this article, we will invite you to see the best inspiration for hanging plants with several types and how to display it as good as possible. Find more ideas on Indoor Hanging Plants for Home: Types, Display Ideas, and Benefits.

Stylish living wall art


Beautify your walls! Create an artsy living wall using hanging plants. You can choose the Huperzia hamiltonii (Lycopodium hamiltonii), the epiphytic clubmoss plant from Borneo. This plant can grow well in high humidity with regular maintenance such as watering, misting, and fertilizing. 

Hanging lush little plant


Not only heart-leaves plants and vines that you can use as hanging plants. Small-leaves plants like pilea depressa or baby toes plants look great hanging in clay pots like this one. Pilea depressa is enough to be watered once every 1-2 days. Don't forget to feed them once a month!

Stunning Hoya Bella


Looking for a bushy flowering plant to hang? Opt out for hoya bella. It is a plant that known as pretty wax flower or the beautiful hoya. Hoya bella is also known as the most lovely of all Hoyas. It has trailing stems with slightly succulent leaves, and stunning pendant flowers in pink and white petals.

Hanging plants with copper wall planter


An ordinary plant like pothos plant will look extraordinary with a gorgeous planter. Use the copper wall planter with half-spherical tray that hold the trailing plant perfectly. This planter is perfect for hanging plants to make it even more stylish. 

Double Disco Display


Get creative with displays of indoor hanging plants for your home! You are free to adjust it according to your taste. Hanging plants on a planter with a disco ball light effect. It will make your space so unique and whimsical. When exposed to light, this disco hanging planter will give a unique and lively shimmer effect. 

Gorgeous air plants


Such an easy plant to care for, air plants are perfect for indoor hanging plants. Display the air plant in various styles. You can place it on a transparent ball planter that hangs firmly on the rope. It looks like this decorative terrarium with a fancy air plant inside. 

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