How to Water Peace Lily Houseplants -- Peace lily is one of the popular houseplants because it has beautiful white flowers. Not only that, peace lilies can also be placed in various rooms and have relatively easier maintenance. Its benefits are also one of the reasons to have it, because of its ability to be a natural air purifier for the surrounding room. However, one thing about peace lily care that you need to pay attention to is watering. To find out how to water properly, check the following article.



The peace lily makes a relaxing plant, and it's not hard to have indoors with low light. This peace lily comes from humid areas and of course when making it a houseplant it will be very important to pay attention to watering.


As a general rule, peace lilies will require watering once a week. However, you also need to pay attention to location conditions more specifically that can affect plant conditions.


You also can't use scheduling to water the peace lily. Check the soil every 3 days to make sure it's moist. If a few inches of the surface has dried, water the peace lily immediately, and also don't water it immediately while the soil is still wet.



Water selection is also an important factor for watering plants because the chlorine content will interfere with plant growth. To be safer, you can use rainwater or distilled water that is clean from harmful substances.



Water the peace lily with clean water. Make sure the leaves are not exposed to water, because it will be very liked by the fungus if done continuously. Then don't forget to pay attention to the drainage because excess water will make the plant rot faster, the leaves turn yellow and brown. While the lack of water can also cause the leaves to wilt and turn yellow. Immediately prune with clean scissors when the leaves have been damaged.

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