How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger | 7 Optimization Tips -- Small gardens usually lack of floor space. Don't be discouraged if you are also one of the few people who have a small garden at home! There are always good tricks to make the garden look bigger. Successful arrangement and creative ideas will make it come true. You'll also get a satisfaction from getting beautiful views and a sense of comfort, while in the garden. Find some small garden ideas in how to make a small garden look bigger | 7 optimization tips.

1. Make a small garden more open 


It's good to know the dimensions of your garden. A simple and easy trick is to make the garden more open. It means, the garden not too surrounded by the walls. You can position a small garden near an open area, such as carport and so on. Using a wooden pergola with a bench underneath also gives the impression of being open. The addition of small potted plants help to make the garden look bigger. 

2. Choose the best plants for a small garden

How to make a small garden look bigger, you can do this by carefully choosing plants for a small garden. Consider the size of the plant! It is best to use smaller plants than a big tree. Opt out for spider plants, ferns, and other shrubs. Plants help achieve visual balance. You can also create a vertical garden with refreshing greenery. 

3. Distract the eye with a focal point

No matter how small it is, a garden should have a focal point. The focal point will be the focus of the garden, making you or anyone who sees it forget the small size of the garden. You can present the main attraction of the garden by making a Japanese-style pool and waterfall feature with a minimalist and spacious arrangement. 

4. Add mixed elements


Add mixed elements that excite the mind. Mixed garden elements could look like this. A grassy lawn with low greenery to give a fresh green color. The small garden also has cool water features. The garden is more dimensional with one slender palm tree and small bamboo trees. Texture also goes well through the walls covered with embossed natural stone elements. 

5. Divert attention to tropical plants


Tropical plants have always had their appeal, even for a small garden. This small and narrow garden looks so fresh with an artificial lawn. The owners have cleverly grown the calathea lutea which gives the tropical forest a fresh vibe. 

6. Choose a slim seat


You'll also want to relax in the small garden. So, at least bringing a seat in the thing to do. Try to choose a seat that's save space and suitable for an outdoor atmosphere. Bringing a flexible holding sunbathing chair is also a good idea. 

7. Use a simple arrangement


A simple and small garden like this looks bigger. The garden center area with artificial grass is left empty, giving the impression of being spacious and airy. Decorative natural elements are included on the sides of the garden, using tropical plants with a layer of white stone underneath.  

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