How to Grow Coleus Like a Tree

How to Grow Coleus Like a Tree -- Are you planning to plant a coleus that has colorful leaves and turn it into a tree? Coleus mostly has many varieties that can be used as indoor plants to grow big like trees in general with a certain height.

Apart from the beautiful leaf color. Coleus has a unique shape and size to serve as a tree plant. You can use coleus seeds or stem cuttings of mature coleus plants to propagate the variety. Take a look at a few reviews for growing coleus like the following tree:

Planting coleus with the right container selection


You can star from a medium-sized coleus plant. A choice of small 4-inch pots that look good for coleus plants. Transfer the plant to a large container to grow more roots and faster.

Since coleus can be up to 3 feet tall, you will need a large, heavy pot to support the weight of the coleus plant.

Bet coleus plant


Then you can bet the coleus tree candidate correctly which will becomes a floppy and grow well. Provide support for plant to grow tall, slender with hard stems for support. For example with a bamboo pole, and tie it to the coleus stem, not too tight.

Pinch and give coleus topping


So that the coleus grows as a tree, make sure the stem of this plant grows straight with the help of bamboo. Pinch off the side branches when they have grown a lot and make sure the plant grows straight and becomes a bush. Remove coleus buds and flowering so as not to deplete the plant.

When the plant is 3 - 4 feet tall, start topping to remove the top growth of the plant. Grow 2 new branches to give the plant a tree-like appearance.



When it has reached a good height, you can start to prune this to look like a mini tree. Prune side shoots, branches that grow downwards. With the best ratio of 2/3 stems without growth and 1/3 full canopy of leaves. Keep it like this until the plant is lush.

Tips for keeping coleus as a tree


- Keep pinching coleus to maintain tree shape
- Keep away from outdoors, strong winds so that the stem does not break
- Repot the coleus plant every year and start to brush the soil that has been removed from the pot
- In winter, bring the coleus plant indoors to protect the plant from the wind and prevent the tree from falling.

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