How to Get a Hoya Plant to Bloom | Hoya Flowers


How to Get a Hoya Plant to Bloom | Hoya Flowers -- As we know, hoya is an ornamental plant known for its thick leaves commonly called wax plants. You can drape these vines in the trellis for a climbing place. Hoya is simply stunning with its attractive leaf and stem shape. But it will look more ideal when blooming and flowering. There are many varieties, each requiring different care for development. With proper care, you can see beautiful flowering hoya plants.

Proviide adequate and regular moisture


Hoya plant area known for their easy care for beginners. But in order, to make it flower quickly, you can increase the humidity of the plant by a minimum of about 40%. As a solution, you can place the hoya in a pot filled with stones and water.

Sufficient lighting


In addition to humidity. Light is the main thing for ornamental plants to bloom quickly. Place the hoya in a bright area with indirect to avoid leaf scorch. Place it on a south-facing window and add sheer curtains.

Add enough nutrition


Providing the right nutritional intake for hoya so that flowering can be fast and last a long time. Choose a fertilizer that has a high amount of phosphorus for hoya flowers with an excellent NPK fertilizer.

Provide adequate watering


Water the hoya regularly to make sure the plant is really alive and the potting soil doesn't dry out. During the growing season, you can water this plant only when the soil dries up. And in winter, reduce watering too much.

Some things you don't need to do when hoya blooms are:


- Don't make bare stems because it is where hoya blooms
- Don't move the hoya during the blooming season, just place it in an area that gets enough light.

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