How to Get Bigger Leaves Pothos Plant

How to Get Bigger Leaves Pothos Plant -- Pothos plants are known as Devil's ivy, Money plants and others. It is an all-time popular plant that grows both indoors and outdoors and is difficult to kill. Its attractive heart-shaped leaves have a vine-like appearance and have the benefits of purifying indoor air.

Pothos is also very tolerant of low lighting and even dark light. You can bring this plant indoors at home or office.
With its easy care, many want to have pothos plants with full size and large leaves. Follow some of the tips below:

Trim regularly


To get pothos plants with large and wide leaves, you need to do regular pruning. Without pruning, this plant has stems that are left behind and look thinner. You need some tools such as scissoris, hand shovel, liquid fertilizer, gloves and watering. Prune the stem of the pothos plant and remove the leaves all over the surface of the new stem to the mature branch. If you don't want to remove, cut branches, use stem cuttings or water propagation methods.

Give fertilizer


Applying fertilizer is the right way to trigger more plant growth. In addition to providing a growth boost, fertilization is also a way to make plants last longer. Use compost, or liquid fertilizer with a predetermined mixture.

Do not give too much fertilizer to pothos plants, because it will affect its growth and make the fertilizer die and dry quickly.

Place it in a location that get sunlight


As is known, pothos plants love low light and are quite tolerant of direct light. And providing proper lighting on pothos can trigger good and balanced growth to grow big.

You can place the plant in a bright location around the house, such as a window sill, with indirect heat. Windows facing south, east or west are also appropriate positions.

Keep soil moist


One of the main factors that cause pothos plants to become stunted is lack of water or dehydration. Therefore, you can plan regular watering to make pothos plants look full and stay healthy. Remove any damaged, yellowed or browned leaves and water when the soil is partially dry to aid its recovery.

Give the right temperature


Pothos plants like temperature around 19 - 29 degrees Celsius, if more that that this plant will look weak and shriveled. The cause could be because the sun is too hot, can cause the leaves to burn.

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