How And When To Prune Bird Of Paradise Plants - Known with beautiful plant, Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia spp.), this houseplant can reach 18-inches in length. Suitable put at indoor or outdoor, it can increase the look. And why this houseplant need to prune? Because pruning can be a safe and easy way to encourage the health, and continued growth. Here are How And When To Prune Bird Of Paradise Plants.

Why You Must Even Prune Bird of Paradise


A bird of paradise is a beautiful plant to slice and dice pointlessly. To be known, bird of paradise will produce up to one leaf per month during the growing season. With fewer leaves overall, each bird of paradise leaf plays an essential role in photosynthesis. And why bird of paradise need to prune? Because:

  • It can improve aesthetic of the plants
  • Disease prevention
  • can give renewed vigor

Things Needed to Prune the Plants


The thing or tools that needed to prune bird of paradise there are:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • hand pruners
  • pruning saw
  • pole saw
  • isopropyl alcohol

When Prune the Bird of Paradise


Begin to prune the bird of paradise if you see the plant look sickly, damaged, or dead foliage. Prune the bird of paradise in spring time. Like other plants, bird of paradise produces most of its growth in spring until fall. During this time, the plant absorbs the maximum energy from the sun and channels it into producing new leaves and flowers.

How to Prune Bird of Paradise


Prune the foliage of the plant you should make cuts right where leaf meets stem, provided the stems look healthy. But, if the stems look just as gnarly as the leaves, you'll wanna prune the whole shoot as close to the soil line as possible. 


After complete remove each obtrusive shoot, you'll wanna make cuts as low as possible. For taller species, this low point won't be the soil line, but rather where the softer, leafy shoots meet the hardened trunk.

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