Funny Type of Dwarf Snake Plant

Funny Type of Dwarf Snake Plant -- Varieties of dwarf snake plants are indeed very suitable for table shelves or room walls. Mini snake plant is an ornamental plant that grows well with many varieties. Some types of snake plant can grow to about 7 feet tall and others 1 foot tall. You can choose a dwarf snake plant for the workplace, shelf or table with the following types:

Sansevieria Moonshine


This cultivar of sansevieria trifasciata and belongs to the asparagaceace family is sansevieria moonshine. Snake plant originating from Nigeria has erect, broad leaves that are silvery green. Can survive in low light conditions and tolerate water supply best, growing indoors.

Sansevieria Ballyi


Sansevieria ballyi is an attractive dwarf snake plant, having stolons connecting symmetrical rosettes of green leaves with green cross bands. Can grow to a height of about 6 -10 inches with the same width. This plant will produce clusters of green white flowers, with each cluster of two white flowers.

Sansevieria Pinguicula


Another known species of pygmy snake plant is the unusually growing pinguicula. Plants with rhizomes do not grow under the stem, but grow stolon ariel. The stems of this succulent are short and make up a species that resembles an agave.

Sansevieria Francisii


The most valuable types of dwarf snake plant because it is strong, ideal for air purification. This plant has a dense row of leaves on the stem.

Sanseveria Trifasciata "Golden Hanii"


Golden hahnii is a small snake plant with reset, gray-green oval leaves with dark green transverse stripes and wide cream-yellow margins. This plant can be up to 8 inches tall with a sweet scent, greenish-white flowers. Can tolerate low sunlight, bright, even indoors.

Sansevieria Ehrenbergii Samurai Dwarf


This samurai dwarf snake plant is known for its blue sansevieria, sword and samurai. Native to Africa and South Asia, this plant has leaf blades that are stacked and fanned in a zigzag pattern in two opposite rows. Leaves with red-brown margins as they fall and grow to about 4 - 7 inches tall and wide.

Sansevieria Kirkii Silver Blue


The following are cultivars of colorful kirkii with mottled leaves. Brown, white striped leaves that run along the edge of the wave. The leaves are thick, leathery and can tolerate different light and climates.

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