Flower Pot Painting Ideas : 7 Easy Looks for Unique Planters

Homiful.com -- Growing plants in pots is usually an option for a more efficient arrangement and can also be easily used as a houseplant. Having plants in pots can be a lot of fun when coupled with a beautifully painted pot design. You can paint it however you like. The following ideas will help you provide inspiration for painting pots to make them more interesting. For that, check out the following article about Flower Pot Painting Ideas : 7 Easy Looks for Unique Planters.

Vibrant color selection


This first idea featuring a pot from an old painted tin becomes even more awesome. Painting characters with striking colors can give a more fun appearance and will attract attention. You can also paint it according to the plants in the pot.

Use earthy-tone color


This pot has an elegant appearance, especially with the paintings it has. Stacked triangular motifs become elements that make the pot more alive. The selection of earthy colors will match the plants in it.

Polka dot motif


This pot comes with 3 different parts. In addition to its monochrome color, this pot is also more charming with a polka dot motif that makes it even more attractive. You can paint it yourself in any color you want.

Abstract painting


Another idea you can do with your pots is to paint them in an abstract style. Use your favorite color that can be combined with several other colors. Don't hesitate to apply color paint, because you can create an abstract style from your original strokes.

Clay pot with attractive painting


This clay pot is one that can easily absorb color paint. You are free to paint it with any motif. But it will be more interesting if you have painted it in its entirety before starting to paint with a certain motif.

Maximize your small pot


You can even paint more seriously on your plant pots. You can use some plants, trees, or landscapes as inspiration that can be applied to your small pot to make it more beautiful.

Beautiful motif


This pot looks beautiful with a black color overwritten with a white henna nail art motif. Placing it on the front porch, will instantly amaze anyone who comes to the house.



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