Best Place for Lucky Bamboo at Home

Best Place for Lucky Bamboo at Home -- Lucky bamboo is very attractive for wealth, health and provides positive benefits for all homeowners even as an office decoration. Using this lucky bamboo can invite positive energy, which does not hesitate to also provide a good Feng Shui picture if placed correctly.

Near the entrance of the house


Lucky bamboo is indeed associated with the element of wood, as a representative of growth, family harmony and new beginnings. Place lucky bamboo at the main entrance of the house, which can give life energy and attract all aspects of life.

Place it in the kitchen to give happiness


Some recommended places for lucky bamboo are the kitchen. It is the best place to store lucky bamboo that can bring happiness. Place it in both sectors of the room, such as the entrance door or the kitchen cabinet openly.

Lucky bamboo in the bathroom


The next best place that you can fill with lucky bamboo is the bathroom. Lucky bamboo will neutralize negative energy, preventing it from spreading throughout the room. Apart from that, lucky bamboo for the bathroom will also provide a fresh atmosphere and neutralize the vessels and absorb excess chi waste water from the bathroom.

Invite wealth to office


Since the office is a place to work and make a lot of money, you can attract more with this lucky bamboo plant. Besides being an attractive decoration, lucky bamboo will invite prosperity and wealth in the office. Work table at home is also one of the places to put this lucky bamboo.

Living room with lucky bamboo


Lucky bamboo can be used as decoration and can serve several purposes. For the living room, this plant will provide abundant energy that is universal. Combine it with the element of wood, which is believed to give the element of fire. Place it on the coffee table to stop the chi energy from flowing freely.

Lucky bamboo in the dining room


Increase abundance in the home by using lucky bamboo in the dining room. Place it on the dining table, which is believed to be the center of family abundance and gives positive energy.

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