Best Indoor Plant so Perfect for Every Room at Home

Best Indoor Plant so Perfect for Every Room at Home -- Ornamental plants give a certain change to the room. In addition to creating a feeling of calm, ornamental plants are also the best choice for room decoration. You can choose the right indoor plants to replace all home decorations such as macrame, wall decor or other wall art. This list of indoor plants will be suitable for you to place in various room in the house.



Tradescantia is an ornamental plant that has flowers with three pink petals. It is part of a beautiful indoor plant using hanging baskets and placed around the corner of a room or windowsill.


Philodendron is also included in the list of ornamental plants that are suitable for placing indoors. Philodendron is abundant with easy care and tolerates very low light. Give watering only when the soil is dry.

Calathea White Star


Calathea is also a beautiful indoor houseplant with white and green oval leaves. Known to be more sensitive and dramatic than other tropical plants. This plant has more stripes almost all over the leaf surface. Would be a great addition to any indoor plant collection.

Boston Fern

This boston fern plant has a unique leaf shape, is double and attached to the stalk. This plant grows lush and covers the entire stem. This fern likes shaded areas, regular watering and regular fertilizer.

Fishbone Cactus

This fish bone cactus comes from the Mexican rain forest, which is often used to warm the temperature. When it is small, this plant will grow up, but when it is big, it will grow down. The treatment is also not much different from other plants that require watering, irradiation and also fertilizer application.



Next are the types of indoor plants that are also very tolerant of neglect. This dracaena can be a room sweetener, including as window sill. It should also be noted that this plant is highly toxic to dogs and cats.



Monstera deliciosa is also known as Swiss cheese originating from Mexico and Central America. This tropical plants with a hollow leaf shape look exotic and charming to be used as an indoor plant. Easy maintenance, you need to keep away from pets because it is toxic.

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