Beautiful Varieties of Geraniums and Attractive Foliage


Beautiful Varieties of Geraniums and Attractive Foliage -- Geraniums are stunning flower plants for home gardens, containers, corners, window sill and even the best plants for trellises. The variety of geranium flowers is very attractive to be a plant of choice because it grows quickly. There are many types that you can have and there is one of them that is strong, namely the cranesbill. See other types of Beautiful Varieties of Geranium and Attractive Foliage below:

Geranium Mrs. Pollock


This geranium plant is very popular because of its brilliant color, a plant with large leaves and a green pattern in the center has a blend of gold edges with maroon splashes that are very extraordinary. The flowers are also beautiful to be used as container plants.

Ivy geranium


There are more than 75 varieties of ivy geranium. Varieties that are similar to majestic and zonal, you can get geraniums with patterned leaves. It has cascading stems with a length of five feet. It is a soft perennial that is grown as annuals. Loves full to partial sun and needs moist, well-drained soil.

Regal Geranium


The annual flower known for its red, pink, purple, white blooms belongs to the genus Pelargonium. Also known as cranesbill or hardy geranium. Regal geranium are usually grown from potted seedlings with sunny and rich soil that has been drained well. Will bloom in spring and the roots bloom repeatedly.

Hardy Geranium


True geraniums that are resistant to growing at low temperatures of 20 degrees Fahrenheit are hardy geraniums. Plants available in all the same colors as pelargonium are perennials that can be pruned back just inches above the ground.

Zonal Geranium


Zonal geranium is unique in that it is rooted on cuttings that have the most variety. This plant has leaf motifs that make the flower background so attractive. Place on the windowsill, bed, or container for the corner of the room.

Scented Geranium


Scented geranium has deep green leaves with a curved shape like a parsley plant. This geranium has fragrant leaves and is commonly purchased as a small nursery plant. Also included in the perennial herbaceous plant that grows 1 -3 feet and can bloom during certain seasons.

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