Beautiful Houseplant Grow in Water

Beautiful Houseplant Grow in Water -- Plants need three things to survive: light, water and space to grow. All three cover fairly broad categories such as peat soil, gravel, clay and water. Plant propagation by soil has been done a lot. But planting with water is an exclusive way that anyone can do. You can see several types of plants that are easy to grow in water in the following review:



Syngonium plants are climbing and vines commonly known as arrowhead plants. Grows well in water by changing the water twice a week to grow new roots continue to grow. You can transplant into potting soil as soon as the cuttings from new roots.



Ornamental plants that are easy to grow in pothos water. This plant grows easily even a plant that is difficult to kill. Can grow in water which will produce new roots, beautiful leaves and a good growth speed.



Avocado is a tree that you can grow from the seed by placing it in water. This is the best way to grow new roots easily and quickly.



As is known, alocasia is an ornamental plant that is often planted in pots filled with soil. But this time you can replant it by placing it in a bottle filled with clean water by separating the clumps and offsets from the sterilized blade. Provide maximum care such as placement, changing water, and applying liquid fertilizer.



Snake plant is one of the few plants that are difficult to kill. Even this snake plant can accept all circumstances and is very tolerant. You can cut mature stems a few inches and place them in water to grow new roots before transplanting them into pots filled with soil.

English ivy


Finally, English ivy can be propagated using the water propagation method. Grows well indoors and is beautiful for cuttings or vases over a long period of time. Cut off all the lower leaves of the stem, and you can transfer them to glass bottles for decorations around tables and windowsills.

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