Bathroom Ideas - 8 Ways to Up Your Hosting Game When Designing This Small Space -- Summer or long holidays are usually your time to host your guests. It's not only the event or banquet that you will be holding that must be considered, you also have to provide a guest bathroom that makes a good impression and make them feel welcome at your home. The small size bathroom is no big deal. Take a look at these Bathroom Ideas - 8 Ways to Up Your Hosting Game When Designing This Small Space.

Always keep it tidy


It doesn't matter if you only have a small bathroom. Bathroom designs can be made functional with a walk-in shower, toilet, and a small sink. Try to keep the small bathroom clean and tidy, to give your guest a sense of comfort when using the bathroom. 

Complete with safe and convenient features


Small bathrooms should also be filled with essential features. Make sure your bathroom has a vanity mirror for guests to touch up their appearance before leaving the bathroom. Place the antiseptic soap in a visible area, such as near a sink faucet. You can also add comfortable features like a patterned soft rug that avoid slipping and enjoy up the aesthetic value. 

Liven up with plants


A small bathroom in shades of white and warm wood brown, you can add an affordable and impactful decor. For example, add some bathroom plants that can live in low light. Place it in empty spots that do not block your activities when the bathroom is used. Such a fresh and natural bathroom will charm your guests. 

Perfect lighting


Your small bathroom design, no matter how good it is, will be meaningless without perfect lighting. For that, make sure you have the main lighting to illuminate and make the marble wall details look charming. Add lighting effects to add any other impression you want. 

Make the most of the walls


Confused to put decorations and other items in your small bathroom? Try to make the best use of the walls. Use the wall to install a small wooden cabinet where you can display room decor and aromatherapy. You can also store some items on it. This neat and attractive arrangement will bring a small bathroom to the next level. 

Nice color combination


Up your hosting game by redesigning your small bathroom. It doesn't have to be as complicated as changing the permanent furniture in it. Do it as simple as possible by giving new paint to the bathroom walls and furniture. Guests who have not visited for a long tome will definitely feel that you're doing a major renovation to the bathroom.

Use open storage for bathroom


Open storage for the bathroom will make the space less cluttered and more stylish. Open storage reduces square footage that seems to pile up in small spaces. It also helps your guests to find soap or what they need in the bathroom more easily and efficiently. 

Make the bathroom also kid-friendly


Family events held at your home, often involve children. Add some features to make the bathroom more child-friendly. For example, additional toilet pads, stools and so on. You can also add decoration that kids like, such as a cute Shincan picture and an adorable cat-shaped rug. 

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