Adorable Fairy Garden Ideas for Your Backyard -- When we were young, we probably often heard fairies living in the garden. This makes the garden have a magical atmosphere for children. When we are able to design and build a dream home garden, we can actually bring garden fairies on it. Surely, in a realistic form as a beautiful garden element. Fairy gardens will be cute garden residents and enhance the garden's visual. More ideas in adorable fairy garden ideas for your backyard.

Fairy garden that protect plants


A fairy garden in the form of a gnome with a variety of cute characters like this will beautify your garden. Fairy gardens can also be useful for your plants. You can place them near your fruit plants or plants outdoors, so that the plants are not pegged by wild birds. 

Adorable frog gnome in colorful garden

Look how cute this spot is! With a colorful coleus plant and yellow pots that look so bright. It's a perfect idea to fill the empty-spot with a well-dressing frog gnome carrying flowers, ready to ask another fairy garden on a date. Your little backyard corner will be more colorful.  

The peeking bunny


Still have a small spot on your big pot? Why not use it to put your fairy garden collection? It's so adorable to put a gnome bunny on it. It's like a bunny peeking at you from your favorite plant. 

Sunny swan near succulent

A sunny swan gnome like this one will easily attract the attention of all those in the garden. It's a good idea to place them near succulents or plants that you often forget to take care of. The sunny swan will remind you of the plant. 

Lovely fairy garden ideas


Dry small plots that's impossible for you to grow plants, you can fill it with garden fairies. Fill it to the maximum like this. It has a mushroom gnome, a squirrel with a little fairy on it, and a cute bee. This arrangement will make your dry plot more lively and adorable. 

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