7 Tips for Decorating Your Home with Indoor Spider Plants

Homiful.com -- Spider plants, we say it's the plants we all are. Either way, whether we have a green thumb or not, spider plants can grow well. Its low maintenance and adaptive character make it a well-known houseplant. Moreover, this plant can also be styled in various ways and display styles that will make the house even more stunning. Find some ways in 7 tips for decorating your home with indoor spider plants

Hang in a fancy hanging planter


Spider plants are plants that can live either in ordinary pots or hanging pots. As long as the pot has good drainage. You can decorate your vertical space by hanging fresh spider plants on a fancy hanging planter. This fancy hanging planter with golden color makes the ordinary spider plant also look luxurious. 

Display it as your own minilab


Spider plants are easy plants to propagate. Propagation of spider plants can be done by water propagation. You can grow plantet (spider plant babies) roots in water. Turn it into a scientific decoration by growing spider plant roots in test tubes with a special wooden stand for it. 

Outdoor decoration with DIY PVC pipe planter


Interestingly, spider plants are also plants that can live outside. They will be grown as annuals during the summer. They will be grown as annuals during the summer. Make sure to plant or place the pot in a shady area protected from direct sunlight. Get creative by growing spider plants with a PVC pipe planter in red color that makes a beautiful contrast to the spider plant. 

Rooting globe idea


There are many ways to display spider plants as home decor. One of them, when you grow baby spider plants roots in water, you can grow them in a bowl glass container like this. Add dark pebbles for plantet stability. It's like a terrarium, so fresh and stylish. 

The spider plant and attractive pot


Everyone will love this unique pot with spider plant combo. Spider plant leaves grow sticking out of the roots. It looks like fresh green hair.  Therefore, you can choose a pot or planter in a head accent that requires some hair. Spider plants will look like natural green and white hair for this unique planter. 

Create a stylish fresh corner with spider plants


Spider plants with trailing babies look so eye catching. You can fill the corner of the room with a spider plant that grows in Kokedama, a soft matted pot. Place it on a floating shelf where you feel it needs a touch of freshness. 

Hang it on macrame string style


Look how amazing the spider plant is hanging with its babies. You can hang white pots beautifully using a macrame string style like this one. This will be a fresh and beautiful decorative element in your home. 

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