7 Stunning Heart Shaped Leaf Plants to Grow Indoor

7 Stunning Heart Shaped Leaf Plants to Grow Indoor

Homiful.com -- Nothing is more beautiful without using ornamental plants into the house. With a heart shape that is  very appropriate for room decoration and even adds a romantic effect to the room. Some types of ornamental plants may have heart-shaped leaves that you can make a choice by looking at the recommendations below:


Monstera Deliciosa


This tropical split leaf Monstera Deliciosa plant will make your dream of faraway places while adding a decorative flair to your home or work space. As a young plant, it has heart-shaped glossy green leaves and these gradually split as it matures to from beautiful perforations. This climbing tropical evergreen plant is low maintenance and therefore perfect as a first plant or it you don't have a green thumb.

Syngonium red heart


Syngonium is a beautiful vines, heart-shaped leaves are the most attractive among others. Especially with this type of red heart syngonium, You can store it in a basket for the bedroom area and place it on the windowsill to get direct sunlight.

Philodendron Birkin


The next plant with heart-shaped leaves that is popular for growing vines is the philodendron birkin. This plant is suitable to be placed in a room with a regular humidity. A beautiful atmosphere will arise instantly by adding this plant into the room.

Hoya kerii


Most beautiful hoya kerii with heart shaped leaves that are like succulents. This plant has a slightly slow growth but grows into a complementary plant for all areas.

Anthurium crystallinum


Fans of ornamental plants, elephants ears or Anthurium crystallinum is one of the mainstays of beautiful ornamental plants. It is unique from its leaf shape is like a heart and has a characteristics of its color starting from green with a combination of whitish green leaf bones.

Pothos njoy


This plant with unique  heart-shaped leaves is a type of Epipremnum njoy pothos that grows rapidly. This green leaf with bright yellow to pale stripes grows alternately on the stem. Provide maximum care by avoiding various pests to providing fertilizer regularly.

Philodendron scandens


Stunning trailing plant that is very easy to care for and makes a lovely statement in any home. These plants are bursting with large heart shaped leaves, that can survive in shaded areas but will flourish in indirect bright light. 

Watering: allow the top of the compost to dry out between watering and mist the leaves regularly.
Care: feed once a month between spring and autumn.

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