7 Small Living Room with Plant Ideas

Homiful.com -- Caring for plants is fun. Plants provide visual freshness and airiness in the room. For this reason, they are widely used as living decorations for a room, including the living room. However, we should not be greedy to fill our small living room with a lot of plant. A small living room can look cramped instead of refreshing. Find interesting ideas for arranging plants in a small living room in 7 small living room with plant ideas.

Plants and a small earthy tone living room


If your small living room takes an earthy tone theme, with sofas and furniture in brown wood, then it is a good idea to add plants as room decorations. Indoor greenery such as dumb cane plant, syngonium, and others can be placed around sofas and wooden cabinets. 

A stunning Swiss cheese plant


Swiss cheese plant or monstera deliciousa will be your focal point in the small living room. You can grow them to live vines on coir sticks, so they can grow tall with green leaves with unique shapes. Effortlessly, monstera deliciousa will catch your guest attention. 

Arrange the plants as well as possible


A small living room has a shortage of space. For that, as much as possible arrange the plants in the living room properly, so as not to interfere with mobility in this room. You can arrange small plants on a slender wooden shelf that's close to the wall. Fill the coffee table with a small table plant. And yes, the empty corner should be perfect with a stacking shelf with plants in it. 

Few plants but impact


A small living room just needs fewer plants as decoration. You can choose one or two plants to put in the living room. For example, the impact-tested ZZ plants for filtering indoor air. An impactful heart-shaped leaf anthurium plant to make a space fresh and lovely. 

Dumb canes next to green sofas


A small living room with a green sofa inside needs a friend. You can choose dumb cane or Dieffenbachia green plants to plant next to the sofa. Dumb canes are evergreen plants that can even grow with little light indoors. 

Plants in the corner of the living room


The corners of the living room can be the best place for you to put plants. Usually, these corners are close to windows, where they provide the bright indirect light that most indoor plants like. Filling plants in the corner of the room also reduces the awkward empty spot in a small living room. 

Plants as area dividers


Usually, a small living room will be adjacent to other areas such as the dining area. Take advantage of large-leaved indoor plants as a barrier between two different zones. This does not provide optimal privacy, but it is enough to indicate the living room space and other areas. 

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