7 Red Aglaonema Plants That You Can't Forget

Homiful.com -- Nature is miraculous. It's not just the flowers, you can also get plants in bold and stunning reds. One of the best is the Red Aglaonema plant or the Chinese evergreen. Having red aglaonema can be one of the most privilages and happy things. With its red color, this plant will be ready to complete any home interior decor.

Find out more about red aglaonema in 7 red aglaonema plants that you can't forget.

Red Aglaonema Care


Look at this beauty! The Red Aglaonema brings drama and elegance to the living space. It's perfect when you combine it with black pot. Red Aglaonema is a plant that you can take care of beautifully with ease. Grow it on low to medium with indirect sunlight. When the soil is partially dry, water the plant. Prune the red and pink leaves in the spring to encourage more bushy growth.

Aglaonema Red Sumatra


If you are in the tropics of Asia, you'll definitely find more varieties of Red Aglaonema with a variety of colors and leaf patterns. You may be stunned by Aglaonema 'Red Sumatra'. This plant has a reddish-pink stripe pattern on maroon leaves with an elongated, flat shape. The Red Sumatra has an ornamental plant contest in the Netherlands in 2002.

Red Hot Chili Pepper Aglaonema


This red Chinese evergreen plant has several names. You name it as Aglaonema Ayu, Red Hot Chili Pepper Aglaonema, or Super Red Star. The most popular name is probably Red Hot Chili Pepper Aglaonema. As the name implies, the red color of the leaves is so deep and striking, making it an easy attention-stealer in your room.


Aglaonema 'Red Anjamani'


The 'Red Anjamani' is a special type of red aglaonema. The bright pinkish deep red leaf color is maintained throughout the year. Aglaonema 'Red Anjamani' has speckled dark green markings that make for a great houseplant. You can place it on bright windowsill for good growth.

Aglaonema 'Siam Aurora'


The beauty of this one aglaonema is undeniable. Aglaonema 'Siam Aurora' has a red color on the edges, the red lines look like lipstick. These are houseplants that give your interior a fresh and lovely vibe.

Aglaonema 'Red Peacock'


Aglaonema 'Red Peacock' has a stunning uniqueness. Dark green foliage with bright red veins from the midrib. Its beauty was like the stunning tail of a peacock. You can put it in humid conditions between 65 F - 76 F (15 C - 24 C).

Red Aglaonema in Kokedama


Aglaonema lipstick or other types of Chinese evergreens are referred to as the Queens of Leaves. This plant survives indoors for a week without being removed. The NASA Clean Air Study proves that this plant removes household pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air. It also looks beautiful in Kokedama like this.

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