7 Outdoor Benches to Complete Your Garden or Patio

Homiful.com -- A well-designed patio or garden is not perfect without a place to sit. A seat allows you to enjoy the outdoors on the patio or garden. Of the many seating options, outdoor benches are the right and popular ones. A bench allows more people to sit together, enjoying the outdoors. Find more outdoor benches ideas in 7 outdoor benches to complete your garden or patio.


Outdoor benches must be weather-resistant to be placed outside one a garden or patio. The choice of materials such as metal benches is the right choice. You can choose a metal bench in your favorite design. Add soft cushions, so you can sit comfortably, enjoying the outside atmosphere.

Brok outdoor benches


This Brok outdoor bench comes in a lightweight and sleek design. Using materials that can withstand outdoor weather. This bench, although lightweight, is quite durable. Perfect your patio design

Tumbleweed patio benches


Wooden benches look great on paver-patios. The design of a plain bench with a neat shape makes this bench an eye-catcher. Invites you to chat there and makes you hard to leave from it. 

Outdoor benches and pergola


A pergola is usually always equipped with a bench. You can use any bench model there. However, for the corner pergola, use an L-shaped bench made along the side of the wall like this. The longer the bench, the more people you can invite sitting and chat under the pergola. 

Permanent bench


Why not with a permanent bench made of concrete and wooden planks like this? This bench is made long. Aside from being a place to sit, for some events, this permanent bench can be used as a practical table to put food or anything there. It becomes a refreshing sight with large leafy plants that grow thickly there. 

Vintage bench under pergola


Pergola with beautiful vines. This will be the best place to enjoy the fresh breeze. Enjoy simply, you can put a wooden bench in an outdated style like this. Although simple, this vintage bench completes the design of this patio or garden. 

Outdoor bench and plant box


This is a great way to combine an outdoor bench with a plant box. You get a multifunctional seat, both a wooden bench and a plant box. The plant box that's attached to the bench becomes an attractive background on the patio. 

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