7 Modern Formal Garden Design Ideas

Homiful.com -- Basically, we like something that's symmetrical and looks balanced. For this reason, formal garden designs will never lose their fans. A formal garden emphasizes clear structure, geometric shapes, and symmetrical layout. Usually, a formal garden concrete on green, leafy plants with some lively flowers. We present interesting pictures and inspiration of 7 modern formal garden design ideas.

Formal garden with cabin garden


This garden combines formal and informal styles. Where there is a symmetrical part in the form of path, some other garden elements are made more dynamic with shapes that match the dimensions of the garden. Green plants and beautiful flowers brighten up this garden. Especially with a bright blue cabin that's the center building in this stunning garden. 

Pools and gazebo features

Just like the previous design, this garden combines formal and informal styles. The entire appearance of the garden gives the impression of clean and beautiful surroundings. What's special is how the features of this garden are presented. Features a curved walkway, a pool with fish and miniature cascades, and a gazebo to enjoy garden views.

Symmetrical plantings


The easiest way to create a formal garden is to make symmetrical plantings. You can create a straight line or other symmetrical shape to arrange planters that can be mirror images of each other. Like the garden above, with low shrubs on both sides between the gravel pathways in the middle of the garden.  

Favorite formal garden design


All the favorite things in formal gardens are here. The favorite flowers include Rose, hollyhocks, and foxgloves to give charm and color to this garden. A simple topiary with boxwood shrubs completes the garden. A focal point in the form of a fountain and a birdbath makes this formal garden special.

Perfectly balanced and neat arrangement


This garden concept uses a pattern of lines and simple shapes such an open ellipse. Boxwood shrubs that can be trimmed neatly are things that add shape to the garden. These boxwood shrubs surround a large fountain which is the focal point of this garden. Don't forget the arrangement in the back, with a container garden with 2 sides of a garden statue that makes the garden have a classic aesthetic touch.

Tropical formal garden design


Who said formal garden only use perennial or annual plants? You can get a formal garden with a refreshing topical vibe. For example, arranging your plants in a neat line. Selected tropical plants can be colocasia plant with large foliage that will shade the garden. Perfect it by planting phlox franzshubert to give a pretty color in the garden. 

Do a simple topiary


This simple formal garden is suitable for those of you how like to see something orderly and uncomplicated. Simple topiary is done to form a garden with green shrubs. Added nice geometric shapes. Overall, the formal garden mulched and mowed will be your favorite.

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