7 Modern Biophilic Design Bedroom Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Have you heard of Biophilic Design? It is an interior design trend about bringing nature into the home. The concept of biophilic design tries to improve connectivity with the natural environment. Interestingly, the biophilic design is so easy to adapt in your bedroom design. A biophilic bedroom will give a fresh and comfortable atmosphere. For more ideas, take a look at these 7 modern biophilic design bedroom ideas.

1. Incorporating plants into the bedroom


Biophilic bedroom design is easily achieved by adding plants as living decorations. Make it more stylish and modern by arranging it as aesthetically as possible. You can arrange vines on the hanging pergola bed, and let the leaves hang beautifully like stunning natural curtains. 

2. Install an open glass ceiling


Achieving a biophilic design style can be as easy as letting the sun enter the bedroom. If it is not possible to have windows in the room, try adding an open glass ceiling like this. An open glass ceiling allows the sunlight to enter and illuminate your bedroom. It will also make your room fresher. 

3. Has an open window overlooking the garden


The key to a biophilic design is to incorporate a natural vibe. Without having to bring a lot of natural elements into the room, you can expand the visibility of the room. Install a window or door that can be opened optimally and overlooking a garden. This will make the bedroom seem to blend with the fresh natural atmosphere around it. 

4. Get a jungle themed bedroom


Be creative with your bedroom in modern biophilic style! You can even make the bedroom have a leafy and lively jungle theme. Covering the floor with soft artificial grass gives you the illusion of sleeping in a fresh meadow. A low bed under an artificial tree also provides you the jungle vibe. 

5. Using organic materials


Modern biophilic design bedroom is not just about including plants. Do more! Use organic and fabric elements in your bedroom. The wood furniture on the bedside table, bench, and others gives a natural vibe. Also choose a wool rug, eucalyptus sheets and plants as living decor to get a modern biophilic bedroom that you want. 

6. Vary the plants


Modern biophilic design bedroom does not have to use so many plants. You can choose essential plants in the right quantity. Vary the plants! Place the potted plants on a rattan holdern, hang a few or two dangling plants, and let vines grow on the pergola bed. 

7. Apply fresh and bright tone shades


You can have a biophilic vibe by applying bright and fresh colors to your bedroom. The combination of pastel terracotta, pink, and turquoise looks so lovely. A touch of nature enters well from the potted plants and windows that let in natural light. 

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