7 Indoor Water Plants for Homes

Homiful.com -- For those of you who are constrained by not having fertile soil, or just want uncomplicated indoor plant care, opt out for having indoor water plants. In short, plants that can live well in a nutrient-dense water medium, even without soil, it will give you a multi-benefit.  Indoor water plants offer easy maintenance, space-saving storage and more. Find some indoor plants that you'll love in 7 indoor water plants for home.

Water lettuce


Water lettuce or pistia is an aquatic plant. This water plant helps to fight algae in the pond. It also helps the pond become more shady and favored by the fish below. Interestingly, water lettuce can also live indoors in a unique planter bowl like this one. The plant can live in water temperatures of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit and love high humidity. 



Schefflera is often called as an umbrella plant. This is a tropical houseplant that has long, shiny oval leaves that droop gracefully, reminiscent of an umbrella. This plant likes bright, indirect light. You can multiply umbrella plants with water propagation media like this. 

Stardust ivy


Syngonium is an indoor plant that can live and grow in water. The most popular are  Stardust ivy or Syngonium podophyllum. You should know that stardust ivy will die quickly if the leaves are submerged. So, make sure that only part of the stems and roots are submerged trailing into the water.  

Aeonium kiwi


Water medium is a great way for succulent cutting to grow root. One of them is aeonium kiwi cutting. Aeonium Kiwi is a type of succulent that forms a fleshy rosette in brilliant color. You can put it in a glass bottle as a vase. 

Lucky bamboo


There are many things you can do with lucky bamboo. If you usually only submerge the roots and a small part of the stem, you can make it more leverage like this. Lucky, bamboo can live in water. With the right care, you can make this stunning aquatic terrarium. 

Philodendron Birkin


Philodendron Birkin looks beautiful in these hydro vases. Philodendron Birkin can live a long time in clear water. Now and then you can add a little liquid fertilizer to get them the nutrients they need. Change the water when it starts to get cloudy. 

Neon pothos


The neon foliage in this navy vessel ombre can be the center of attention in your home. In a vessel filled with clear water, it gives an elegant beauty. This hydro plant drop is equipped with a top that allows the leaves of the neon pothos not be submerged. So, it will grow happily in the water. 

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