7 Indoor Plants Living Room Decor Ideas From Instagram

Homiful.com -- Indoor plants will liven up the atmosphere in your living room. Refreshing the corner of small square footage. There are many ways to display plants in the living room. However, you need to know the essential tips to get a living decor that fist your space dimensions and style. Find it on 7 indoor plants living room decor ideas from Instagram.

1. Your indoor plant is you


The living room design and decor reflects you, even including indoor plants in it. Choose indoor plants that suit you, your style and your personality. For example, if you are a person who is not keen on caring for plants, pick low-maintenance plants that even survive in repeated neglect, such as areca palm plants or ZZ plants.

2. Don't get in the way of your space


You already have a favorite indoor plant for the living room. Time to arrange the plants! Make sure you arrange it well, keeping the plants from interfering with the space and visibility of certain objects. In small spaces, hanging plants and placing them on floating shelves is a great idea.

3. Place it where the plants like it


Some plants require certain conditions for them to live. If you want a living room with your favorite plants, adjust the conditions of the living room or as much as possible, place it where they like it. For example, placing monstera plants near a glass window with bright indirect light.

4. Fit the plants with space dimensions


Dare to have refreshing tropical indoor plants in the living room. However, adjust the dimensions of the space to the size of the plant! If you have a high ceiling and needs a big statement, placing a giant bird of paradise plant as a focal point is a great and gorgeous idea.

5. Place the indoor plants in an empty-corner


Luckily, various style of living rooms always match indoor plant decorations. Green leafy plants add a splash of freshness in the living room. Placing it is also not difficult. Put them in an empty-corner to instantly liven up that awkward corner.

6. Make it a welcome decoration


A well-positioned plant will make your day. You can place an indoor tropical plant, Calathe lutea, near the area entering the living room. This plant is like a refreshing welcome in the living room.

7. Get hanging plants


Brighten up white walls with plants. Hang plants with dangling leaves, such as pothos plants, English ivy, and strong succulents. Hang it with colorful macrame string for a lively atmosphere in the living room.

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