7 Indoor Plants Growing from Leaves

7 Indoor Plants Growing from Leaves

Homiful.com -- Want to know what are the best indoor plants that can grow from leaves? You can see some ornamental plants that can grow from leaves alone with proper care. To propagate a single plant, it takes longer to grow and ensures the growth of new roots. See some plants that can grow from their leaves, below:



The genus of plants that collectors are often looking for is peperomia which has an appeal. Can be propagated by leaf cuttings, you can remove large and healthy leaves from the leaf stalk. Plant by water propagation or in soil to grow new roots.

Aloe Vera


Propagate aloe vera by easy leaf cuttings that have been left to calls by cutting. Place it in a sunny and warm area, water it carefully and don't overdo. This plant will take root and have many children when it grows up.

Snake plant


Snake plant is an ornamental plant in all outdoor or indoor conditions that grows well. Very tolerant of all conditions. To reproduce this plant, you can easily do it. With its long and structural leaves, this plant can be propagated properly and correctly. You simply cut a few inches of the leaf and mark the bottom to place it in the soil or water. Wait patiently for a few weeks for new roots to grow.


huato_garden 1

There are about 125 species of attractive kalanchoe plants with amazing colorful flowers. The best way to propagate kalanchoe is by leaf cuttings, which are easy for anyone to do. Only by cutting the leaves from the tip of the base and burying some into the soil can you wait for roots to emerge for a few weeks.

Jade plant


Then there is a jade plant commonly called crassula ovata which can be propagated using leas cuttings. Take leaves from healthy mature plants and cut off the ends. Place it in slightly moist potting soil and put it into the soil, water it for some time and wait for the roots to grow.

African violet


The next popular houseplant for gardeners is the African violet. A plant with delicate gray-green leaves and pretty purple flowers can bloom all spring and summer. You can propagate this plant by leaf cuttings that you can cut the leaves in half horizontally. New roots will grow a few months after cutting.

Hoya kerii


Sweetheart Hoya is indeed very popular with its large and juicy leaves. Plants that require bright light and little water are well-drained soils. To propagate this plant, you can make single leaf cuttings with potting mix and a little perlite. Wait 2 - 3 weeks and choose a single pot to grow new roots.

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