7 Incredible Combination with Petunias

Homiful.com -- Petunia. This flowering plant has two opposite meanings. Some say the petunia flower is a symbol of anger and resentment, considering that this plant is so sensitive to cold. Others say petunias are a symbol of friendship and respect. Remembering how beautiful of its flower. 

Petunias are widely used as landscape uses, as borders, container or hanging baskets. This flowering plant is also often combined with other plant for a more stunning display. Find out more interesting petunia combo in 7 Incredible Combination with Petunias.

Calibrachoa & Petunia


Petunias are the perfect flowers for a hanging basket. Blooming flowers in a variety of colors will liven up any vertical space. Choose a combination of other flowers that go well with petunias. One of them is Calibrachoa. Having small petunia-type flowers, calibrachoa will make the hanging basket petunia more festive. 

3 Petunia combo


Petunias with their beautiful blooms make great container plants. Petunias are better combined with other shrubs plants. In one container planter, you can fill petunias along with brown oxalis, creeping wire vine for a more lush and stunning look. 

Red petunia and white geranium


The combination of red petunia flowers with white geranium flowers will give a stunning look. Placed as a window box plant, these two flowering plants will present a natural contrast that's so beautiful. 

Petunia and friends


In one large container garden, you can certainly bring more variety of plants and flowers to it. Low shrubs can be used to cover ground containers, then petunias can be used as elements that add pop thing to the container. Additional firm and vibrant accents by making Sansevieria the center of this container garden. 

Gorgeous petunia combinations


A container garden is the centerpiece of this garden's water features. Using petunias as flowering plants that grace the contents of the container. Visually, petunias are combined with wire vine plant, geranium, begonias and scaevola. Making a gorgeous show on it. 

Petunia and palm plant


Combine petunias with palm plant for a fresh tropical vibe that's unique to the container garden. A tall palm plant act as the center of this container garden, fill the vertical space nicely with its green leaves. 

Petunia & heuchera


If you want petunias in pots that give a beautiful and more elegant visual, you can choose petunias in patterns and colors like the picture. Petunia has a purplish tone that's not too flashy. You can combine it with heuchera plants, which have almost similar dark purple leaves with the petunia flowers. 

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