7 Ideas to Styling Your Small Balcony

Homiful.com -- Having a small balcony is no longer a difficult thing for you. Don't neglect your small balcony because you can use it as a fun spot, and it may become your favorite part of the house. For some ideas to make your little balcony look fun, check out the following article.

Clever arrangement


This narrow and elongated balcony requires the right arrangement to make it a comfortable facility for relaxing. You can choose a floor mattress that is placed in the corner of the balcony. Also, you can make the remaining space a fresh balcony garden.

Bohemian style


To make your balcony more charming, you can make it more conceptual. Like this balcony, the exterior that makes it have a Bohemian style makes it look even more stunning and very fitting to be used as a photo spot to upload on Instagram.

Balcony garden


If you like a fresh balcony with lush plants, you can imitate this small balcony idea. Placement of plants on walls and railings will make it still have a comfortable space. You can also add chairs in the empty space around the plants.

Small but beautiful


Although small, this balcony has a design and decoration that makes it look more beautiful and comfortable. A small sofa placed in the corner of the balcony becomes a more comfortable area to relax with the addition of cloth curtains that create a shady balcony.

Refreshing plants


The plants placed on the basket will make this balcony look more fresh and natural. You can choose your favorite plants to place on this small balcony and at the same time accompany your relaxing time at home.

Beautiful decoration


This small balcony doesn't feel cramped, even though it has lots of furniture and decorations around it. This is obtained because of the beauty of the arrangement and decoration that makes you will not get bored spending time on this small balcony. The addition of beautiful flowers will also make this small balcony feel more alive.

Neat and clean look


This last balcony idea appears in a simple style and minimizes the presence of unnecessary furniture. This balcony has 2 chairs with a table, and there is also a snake plant that keeps it looking clean and tidy.

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