7 Houseplants that Thrive in Neglect

7 Houseplants that Thrive in Neglect

Homiful.com -- Plants will indeed make a room better with companion features and other decorations. There are good reasons to use plants as room decor even if you are very busy and really don't pay much attention to them, there are several types of plants that you can have your choice. This low maintenance plant will easily grow in neglect.


Snake plant will be the best plant growing in any location. With neglected care, this plant can thrive indoor, even in low light. You just give watering when the soil dries up.

Peace Lily

This plant will be very friendly even if there is no natural light, though. Peace lilies that thrives with fresh green leaves can survive artificial light and produce flowers when given natural light. Water it only a few times, the bonus is that having this plant is very beneficial to filter toxins in the air.


When cared for as an ornamental plant, syngonium will thrive up to 2 meters in length. Even with negligent care, this plant can grow well without frequent watering.


Considered low maintenance and easy, the philodendron is a very relaxing houseplant to own. Its heart-shaped and really eye-catching leaves will charm any room with its glossy leaves that are striking and eye-catching.


Pothos is also a plant that can grow in neglect. The large leaves that thrives in this bright green color can be used as a plant for beginners. You can bring into a low light room, this plant can survive with indirect light and watering only a few times. 


Dracaena is an ornamental plant that is widely planted as an ornamental plant that has quite a lot of varieties. This plant grows either indoors or outdoors. Very tolerant of watering and indirect lighting.


The last is monstera which is the most sought after ornamental plant by many gardeners. This plant grows well in any room with low lighting and irregular watering. You can bring this plant indoors by placing it on a windowsill for indirect light.

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