7 Houseplant with Beautiful Red Flowers

7 Houseplant with Beautiful Red Flowers

Homiful.com -- The color red can enhance the appearance of something. Like a plant with red flowers that looks energetic and lively. Not only red roses, several other indoor plants also have red flowers that are attractive to have and fit in the house. See the types in the following discussion:

Christmas cactus


The type of cactus that has beautiful flowers is the Christmas cactus. Beautiful red flowers, vines are perfect for sweetening the corner of the room or window sill using a hanging container. Do proper care such as watering when the soil is dry and move it to a place that gets sunlight with shade.



Some other red flowers are hibiscus. This tropical flower that bloom throughout the year can be a garden plant that is tolerant of sunlight. These hibiscus flowers will branch and form flower buds rather than new long branches.

Anthurium Andreanum


The next tropical plant that has red flowers is Anthurium Andreanum. This red spathe will bloom in about 6 weeks. Requires extra watering and care, bright sun is also needed to help this anthurium bloom again.



This tuber grown plant is easy to care for. This amaryllis will bloom in winter with a red color that can bloom for weeks. Thick stalks with proper watering schedule can make this plant last a long time.



One of the plants with large red flowers is euphorbia. This plant with many species has thorns and is quite tolerant of excessive sunlight. You can bring this plant into a room that is very suitable for ornamental plants.



Kalanchoe plant is a type of succulent that is a bit finicky in terms of growth and care. Many kalanchoe plants with red flowers are resistant to sunlight. Many people ignore this plant after flowering, but with extra care, kalanchoe flowers will last a long time.

African violet


Lastly is the beautiful African violet with red flowers. Velvety round leaves. This plant has a small size of about 6 -15 cm and can bloom all year round. Pay attention to proper care with regular watering, fertilizing and weeding.

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