7 Houseplant Trends That will Be Everywhere

Homiful.com -- Plant trends are always interesting to follow. New types of plants are gaining popularity and are complementary to plant collections at home. However, you must have some of the following plants that are very popular. For more details, check the following article about 7 Houseplant Trends That Will Be Everywhere.


Flowering plant


Flowering plants are one of the trends that still exist to be followed. Having a plant with beautiful flowers will certainly increase the attraction for anyone who sees it. You will get a more lively look in the room by placing this flowering plant.



Hanging plant


Of course, already familiar with hanging plants. Yes! You can use hanging plants to maximize the freshness of your home. Hanging plants are also the right choice to save space better.



Beautiful foliage


If you don't like flowering plants, you can have plants with beautiful patterned leaves. The various color combinations on the leaves of the plant, in fact, are still popular today and are owned by many people as houseplants.



Shady plant


Even at home, having shady plants is also the choice of many people. You don't need to have a lot of plants to give a beautiful and fresh view to the corners of the room.



Natural air purifier


Not only paying attention to a beautiful appearance, having plants with the best function is also a trend that cannot be abandoned. Like this pothos, you can also have it because it is known to clean the air of harmful chemicals and make the room fresher and cleaner.



Snake plant


Snake plant is one of the popular plants and is widely used as a mainstay houseplant. Snake plants can also grow in various situations, so this is one of the reasons many people have them.




Beautiful little succulents are also a plant that will be in trend for a long time. The variety of shapes and colors makes it an attraction for many people to plant it. Easy care is also an added value for this succulent.

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