7 Gorgeous Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

Homiful.com -- With the right design, the patio will be the best place for you to spend time. Gathering together, enjoy the fresh outdoors, you can do all of this on the patio. Regardless of whether your patio is small or large, you can get a dreamy patio on your home. To help you find the patio design that suits you, we've rounded up beautiful patio designs and ideas for you. Here are 7 gorgeous outdoor patio design ideas.

Warm and romantic patio design


This patio is probably your kind of vibes. The Patio looks simple but elegant with a set of outdoor benches with soft cushions on it. The patio table features a fireplace, allowing you to spend a warm, windy evening here. The string lights extend along the patio give, it helps to set a warm and romantic ambience.

Outdoor kitchen on patio design


Patio in the backyard can be your safe haven. A place for you to enjoy an outside atmosphere that's free from stuffiness. You can add an outdoor kitchen, it's easy to just place the grill in the corner of the patio. Placing a set of soft patio chairs with a round table will make for a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor dining area.

Patio and pergola


Patio with pergola is the best combination. Take advantage of a spacious patio by adding a pergola there. Make the pergola even more stunning by allowing vines to grow and creeping up over the frame. This pergola will serve as patio shade, the best place to sit back and enjoy the garden atmosphere.

Stunning pergola and hammock on the patio


Again, a pergola overgrown with vines is a great idea for a patio. The pergola will be the center of attention that charm everyone. Adding a hammock there, you get a versatile patio, both as a space for outdoor entertainment, contemplation, and relaxation. 

More decorations


Design your patio as lively as this. It doesn't have to be complicated, one outdoor bench is enough for a small patio. Liven up the patio atmosphere with more plants that grow well there. You can also put more decorations such as decorative plates to fill the vertical space nicely.

Nature corner at home


Create a patio as a nature corner at home.  A wooden bench can be the perfect seat to enjoy the outside atmosphere. Surrounded by rocks, grasses, plants, and vertical gardens. Those things will be your best place to contemplate and find your true self.

Small patio design


Not all of us are blessed with a spacious patio. If you only have a small patio, apply this design to your patio. Simple, but fresh and stunning. Put a pair of outdoor chairs with an elegant coffee table there. The backdrop is better using exposed bricks with tropical plants filling the plant box with green and lush. 

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