7 Garden Statues To Add An Artistic Touch To Your Outdoor Decor

Homiful.com -- Garden statues are garden ornaments that are often seen in formal gardens. Garden statues can be used as focal points that enliven the garden. A statue will decorate the garden and make the garden more dynamic. Moreover, now there are many garden statues in various shapes, sizes, and style, which are suitable not only for formal gardens but also a casual/informal gardens. Find some ideas in 7 Garden Statues To Add An Artistic Touch To Your Outdoor Decor.

A classic garden statue


Even a small side garden, you can add a garden statue. A gravel yard with simple boxwood topiary and blooming flowers occupies an empty yard perfectly. This garden is more aesthetic by placing a woman statue that seems enjoying the natural beauty. It gives your small garden a classic vibe.

Angel garden statuary


Garden statuary definitely adds an artistic touch to outdoor landscaping. The more complicated the shape, the more classy the outdoor space or garden will be. It doesn't have to be huge, a medium-sized statuary with unique details look good alongside fresh flowers behind it. 

Beautiful Madonna statue


The garden can be likened to a garden sanctuary. Your place to relax and unwind. Complete your outdoor decor by owning a stunning and beautiful Madonna statue. This statue is based on a French church antique, which bestow grace and peace to your garden. 

Mesmerising fairy garden


As a child, we may have been given a fairy tale that many fairies live in the garden. Make it happen by making your garden have a magical vibe. Just place a statue in the form of a fairy garden with wings, made of metal or copper. 

Frog statue near fountain


Bring an adorable impression to your garden. On water features in the garden, such as fountains or water pools, you can add a green frog state like this. This little statue is so cute with its cross-legged shape and looks like a frog who is meditating and enjoying the tranquility of the garden.

Cute frog statuary


Another example of a fairy garden that you can place as an outdoor decoration. Put three green frog statues sitting on a blue rock. Uniquely, these three frog statues seem to pose funny, adding an artistic and humorous touch to the garden.

 A little siren in the wood


Sirens may be associated with aquatic life, but adding a little siren statue in the garden makes it unique. Like this siren statue that looks like it's sunbathing on a big tree trunk, while greeting other critters in the garden.

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