7 DIY Pothos Trellis Ideas that are Easy for You to Complete


7 DIY Pothos Trellis Ideas that are Easy for You to Complete

Homiful.com -- Add a new piece of art inside the house by adding a look of privacy using vines. A positive atmosphere for the interior of the house will be important to support all activities. With the presence of ornamental plants, you can change the appearance of pothos with trellises for propagation and trails. Get some ideas in this review:

Sustainable pothos trellis


Make a beautiful pothos trellis using a wooden rod made curved with bases stuck in the pot. This idea will never run out of space to occupy an empty area in the house. With a curved shape, use a trellis to promote the privacy of the plant with the best view.

Geometric pothos trellis


Build a geometric trellis for the pothos to propagate and give it an extraordinary shape. You can set your own pothos propagation that can be inserted alternately into the loop of the geometric wire. 

Pothos with bamboo trellis


Look for trellises made of wood for a boho feel. Trellis for climbing pothos plants and the like will provide warmth, aesthetic appearance and better plant growth with larger leaf size.

Trellis pole for additional decoration


Try a new idea with trellis pole made from coconut fiber trellis. In addition to pothos plants, several other plants such as monstera, philodendron are also very suitable to use this trellis which can add a splash of green to the space creativity.

Cassava stem trellis


Lean your pothos trellis against a beautiful room wall and from a pattern. This stacked and nailed wood will provide an upward tendril pattern for a pothos plant with shiny leaves.

Simple rope trellis


If you want to make a pothos trellis at home, using twine can also be an option. An attractive appearance will add to the tropical atmosphere of the room. By hooking a rope to the ceiling of the house, some details will form a perfect vine and cluster.

Perfect round trellis


Decorate the interior of the house with a round trellis of wire to design a simple and sustainable decoration concept. As a wall decoration, a terrace table will encourage a more aesthetic atmosphere.

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