7 Cast Iron Plant Pictures You'd Absolutely LOVE!

Homiful.com -- If you are looking for a houseplant that's nearly indestructible, a cast iron plant or Aspidistra elatior is the best choices. This plant is a hardy plant that gives a fresh green accent when you place it indoors. This is a super easy plant for you to care for. You can take a look at some pictures of cast iron plants to give you an idea how attractive these plants are! Here are 7 Cast Iron Plant Pictures You'd Absolutely LOVE!

Lively cast iron plant


The cast iron plant or Aspidistra elatior is the perfect plant for the novice gardener. You can put it effortlessly to brighten up a dull space. Putting this plant on two-tone walls will make your room look lively and fresh. They like all lighting, even low light, but keep it away from direct sunlight. 

Aspidistra Minutiflora Leopard


There is also a unique cast iron plant type, it has white dots that are created naturally on its dark green leaves. It was Aspidistra Minutiflora Leopard. Aspidistra minutiflora leopard is ornamental plant are indoor and outdoor plants with moderate intensity of sunlight. This plant has green leaves with white spots, great for table decoration. 

The bachelor plant


Did you know, cast iron plant is called 'The Bachelor Party' in Sweden? This plant is easy to care for, and you don't have to commit too seriously to take care of this plant. You only need to water them when the soil is completely dry. 

Milky Way Iron Plant


Aspidistra elatior 'Milky Way' is a cast iron plant similar to aspidistra leopard. The difference is, the Milky Way iron plant has dark green leaves covered with smaller white spots, which are more numerous than aspidistra leopards. It reminds you of the beautiful stars of the galaxy.

Variegated Cast Iron Plant


Apart from being an indestructible plant, there are also cast iron plants that have variegated leaves as beautiful as this. With proper care, variegated cast iron plants can grow both as fresh and as attractive. 

Stunning cast iron plant picture


Make a cast iron plant a decoration of your living space. Place the pot on an attractive rattan bag planter. It would be great, if you put a cast iron plant on a white wall as a backdrop to make the green leaves more striking and stunning. 

The resilient indoor plant


Cast iron plant is included as the most resilient indoor plant. Even so, this is a slow-growing plant, which if you put it indoor will not fill your room with dense foliage. Keep it away from direct sunlight, as it will burn the leaves. 

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