7 Best Plants For Aquariums

 Homiful.com - Besides fill with fish, you can add plants at aquarium. Plants may play a vital role for aquarium that can make fish to breed and take care of their young. Then, we have gathered for 7 Best Plants For Aquariums. Let's see!

Cryptocoryne balansae


The foliage or stems have green or brown color that can suitable to place at mid-background. This plant can thrive in an environment that is rich with nitrate, phosphate, iron, CO2, and calcium.

Elodea Densa


Easy to care, Elodea Densa has green color of foliage and can thrive in low light. Elodea Densa is the most popular aquarium and pond plant that inexpensive, fast-growing, beneficial and good-looking. So, it's the number one choice for most beginners.

Tiger Lotus


Usually bought in bulb form, red tiger lotus have 2 modes of leaf structures. With the first being completely submersed leaves that look somewhat like lilies. And the second mode is floating leaves that float to the surface of the water and stay there for the most part. Tiger lotus is the best aquarium plants that easy to care and can thrive in lighting moderate.

Java Moss


Has botanical name with Taxiphyllum barbieri, Java moss grow in green color and thrive in moderate care. This aquarium plant suitable to growing on rocks and driftwood and below the native water levels. Not only attractive, Java moss can also be beneficial for fish and can provide food for the newly formed fry.

Cryptocoryne wendtii


Perfect foreground aquarium plants, Cryptocoryne wendtii has green or brown leaves and easy to care. This plant commonly found in streams and rivers and grows in shaded areas. You can propagate this plant with simply separate and divide the roots and re-plant in a different area of the aquarium. The roots will quickly take hold and grow.

Water Lettuce


Water lettuce or Pistia stratiotes is compatible with most tropical fish, although larger fish have a tendency to eat the roots, which will quickly off the plant. This plant grows floating on the surface water, and its leaves form a rosette, with dense, submerged roots be neath it.

Pygmy Chain Sword (Echinodorus tenellus)


Pygmy Chain Sword can produce seeds and be used to cultivate new plants and be used for propagation. Easy to care, this plant can place under the right lighting conditions, and it can form a beautiful carpet of light green which will grow and spread quickly.

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