7 Best Indoor Plants that Look Amazing

The Best Indoor Plants that Look Amazing

Homiful.com -- If you want to have beautiful and easy-to-maintain indoor plants, the list of plants in this review can be the best choice for novice gardeners. Plants will make a great display in the house and also provide benefits to the air around the house. The what types of plants are suitable for beginners? See the explanation below:

Spider plant


This plant is perfect for beginners because, it grows well with low maintenance and minimalistic. Leaf shape like an elongated ribbon with green, creamy white at the center of the base of the leaf. You need to place this plant in a bright area and water only when the soil is dry.



Peperomia is a great plant for table decoration at home or at work. This plant has many species with a beautiful appearance. Round and thick shape of leaf have a waxy coating. This type of peperomia watermelon is a little unique, with leaf motifs like watermelon skin. Easy maintenance will not be difficult for beginners. Grows to more than 12 inches and requires moderate to bright light.



The next type of plant that will enhance the appearance of the corner of the room at home is tradescantia. This plant also has a lot of types with the dominance of purple leaves and growing vines. You can cut off the tips of the plant to regrow it full and bold.



This most popular and easy-to-grow outdoor houseplant can grow to a height of about 6 feet in your years. Maintenance is very easy, you just need to pay attention to pruning  and making sure the leaves grow up neatly. You can bring this plant into the house as long as you pay attention to watering, humidity, and lighting.

Fiddle leaf fig


Your interior at home will look beautiful with this one plant. Fiddle leaf fig is an ornamental plant that looks trendy for all spaces outdoors at home. The large, waxy, dark green leaves with a violin-like shape are what make this plant even more loved by many people. Even its easy maintenance can thrive indoors as long as with proper lighting and watering.

ZZ plant


Growing vigorously with sharp dark green leaves that have a waxy coating, this ZZ plant will be perfect for beginners. Easy maintenance and very tolerant of drought and low light. You do not need to give fertilizer too often so that the plants continue to thrive without dependence.



You can make this small beginner plant as a room sweetener, which is commonly called haworthia or spread plant. Plants with thick leaves, white bands and have warts are very easy to grow. This plant only requires infrequent light, sufficient moisture and proper watering, but not every day.

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