7 Best Indoor Plant for North Facing Windows

7 Best Indoor Plant for North Facing Windows

Homiful.com --  Decorating a room with ornamental plants is a challenge for gardeners. Not all ornamental plants can be placed indoors with direct sunlight. You can choose some good plants for the room, especially windows facing north, and grow to make the beauty of the room more refreshing. The following is a list of 7 indoor plants that are suitable for north-facing windows at home.



There area more than 3000 species of bromeliads that grow well in low light conditions. The plant that is the center of attention is the color and types of leaves. The pointed and elongated leaves like pineapple are easy to care for in warm and humid conditions.

Snake plant


Next up is the snake plant, which is a low light houseplant and very popular among gardeners. Spiky leaves with excellent resistance can tolerate low light conditions even indoors without light and neglected watering.



Philodendron is a type of ornamental plant that has many varieties. Plants with leaf shapes that vary in dark green are often dominated by heart-shaped leaves. Easy maintenance and as a houseplant, you can place it indoors with indirect watering and irrigation.

Peace lily


For lovers of flowering houseplants, peace lilies are an excellent choice. It has attractive leaves, striking white flowers that are easy to care for and grow slowly. These peace lilies can receive indirect sunlight and produce flowers all year round.

Golden pothos


The pothos plant which is often interpreted as philodendron is actually from the Epipremnum family. Golden pothos is often called devil's ivy because it is a difficult plant to kill. 

With easy maintenance, you can place it in a shaded area with indirect light.



Calathea is also a tropical plant that tends to be easy to care for and likes indirect light. Grows well in warm and humid environments. You can grow this calathea around a north-facing window sill, tough care and hard to kill.

Boston fern


Also known as sword fern, the broad, bright leaves protrude from the base of the plant. This boston fern that grows in tropical forest and loves moist places you can place, in a beautiful basket as a decorative corner of a room or a window sill facing north.

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