7 Best Hanging Basket Plant to Spruce Your Home


7 Best Hanging Basket Plant to Spruce Your Home

Homiful.com -- No lone leaves his house without decoration. Especially if you live in a dense urban area and have obstacle to create a garden around the house. You can anticipate by choosing hanging basket plants that will increase the atmosphere of a more refreshing room. You can choose 7 hanging basket plants for decoration as well as an effort to beautify the house naturally.

Aeschynanthus 'Rasta'


A stunning trailing houseplant of the Gesneriaceae family, which incidentally also includes the African violet. With waxy leaves tightly curled under one another and striking red tubular-shaped flowers, these are a real eye-catcher. Easy to care for, moderate amounts of water and bright filtered light. This is one of our favorites in the jungle. 

Trailing pearls


Hanging succulents are also the best to beautify your home. This will be very easy for you to get at an ornamental plant shop, which will bring a fresher atmosphere. Easy care and watering is not too often, very like this plant. The shape of the leaves that change like pearly grains will hang wide with a fragile stem.

Mix petunia plants and others


You can decorate a room at home with a beautiful display of this plant, there is not only one type of plant, such as petunias, daisy, and hanging fuschia that will give an attractive appearance to every corner of the room, fix the selected basket model to make it look impressive.

Spider plant


Chlorphytum comosum, otherwise known as the spider plant, is a hanging houseplant loved by people who have little to no time for either indoor or outdoor gardening. Spider plants are quite fine when left to their own devices. For care tips, spider plant prefer moderation when it comes to watering; do not allow your plant to dry. Humid air and room temperature between 55 and 80 F. 

English ivy


Next up is the English ivy plant which is very attractive for the corner of the house, terrace to work table. This vine is beautiful with a unique hanging basket made of rattan. This plant is highly recommended for those of you who will decorate your home because it is easy to maintain and not fussy for beginners.

Boston fern


For a shady place like in the house, you can use a Bostons' fern plant that has fresh and beautiful green leaves. You can hang it in every corner of the room to the wall of the house directly like a picture. This plant likes humidity and partial light level. Provide regular and periodic watering to make it look lush.

Philodendron Brazil


Brazil philodendron look so beautiful for hanging basket at home. It is very easy to maintain, give them water well once, and unless it becomes very large, and root bound like the one picture. When keep inside the house, just water these baskets one every two weeks or so. 

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