7 Best Beautiful Indoor Houseplant for Beginner Look so Cute


7 Best Beautiful Indoor Houseplant for Beginner Look so Cute

Homiful.com -- Starting a room decoration with a collection of ornamental plants can provide a new atmosphere and the perfect decoration change. If you are looking for beautiful indoors ornamental plants with easy care, in this article you can find these types of plants. See more clearly these plants in the following list.

Sansevieria Mikado


This is Sansevieria Mikado is an indestructible dense growing air purifying indoor plant. The one and only plant that so hard to kill. This Sansevieria many varieties you can have, especially Sansevieria Mikado and others. Give a water 2 - 3 weeks or just they need water and the soil is so dry.



The noble geranium was once bred in England as an indoor plant. This star among geraniums has particularly shown blossoms. With enough sunlight, it thrives both indoors and outdoors in a spot protected from rain and strong winds.

Mistletoe Fig


Another lovely indoor tree from the Fig family. Ficus deltoidea is a true indoor olive tree with an oval to spoon-shaped, leathery, bright, green leaves that are lime with a red/greenish-brown edge underneath.

Also known as the Mistletoe Fig, this is the only ficus species that will produce inedible pea sized fruits, 'figs' all year round even when cultivated indoors. Fig turn from dull yellow to orange and red. A native to Southeast Asia, this fig makes a very attractive large indoor plant. It's also good value, quite a cheap houseplant that gives a lot of value back. Ideas for a houseplant gift-surprise with a pot of style.

Alocasia Silver Dragon


The Alocasia Silver Dragon lives up to its name with its sage-y, scale-like leaves that definitely give off mythical creature vibes. This plant is somewhat tough to keep happy, making it relatively rare. It is native to the jungles of Indonesia and likes indirect light and humidity. As a member of the Aroid family, the Silver Dragon is beloved for its peculiarity and is part of the "Jewel Alocasia" series of plants, it would be a treasured addition to any plant gang.

Peace Lily X Dracaena


Create  he interior of your space at home with a stunning look with a Dracaena trees. Which can tolerate all conditions with blade-like leaves, red edges growing from the trunk. Also pair it with beautiful peace lilies with white flower and glossy green leaves.



Monstera deliciosa is the fave houseplants because it's just a great all round indoor plant with instant icon appeal. Call it the little black dress of houseplants because it never goes out of style and looks chic anywhere. This is a version of it that has become known as Brazilian from, and its leaves are more open with larger holes (fenestration) and a more skeletal appearance. Find it just as easy to grow as other Monstera though, and have deliberately kept this in a small pot to keep it more compact. 

This works for a while, but eventually it is going to need a larger pot with fresh mix because it will begin to go backwards due to lack of nutrients and nowhere for new roots 2 rooted cuttings got about 2.5 years ago, there are 2 main stems in the pot.



Watermelon peperomias are standard indoor plant care, bright indirect/filtered light. Water, when soil has dried, will start drooping and going limp when very thirsty. You can take back to indoor, like a living room and other place at home.

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