7 Beautiful Flowering Window Box Planter Ideas

Homiful.com -- Beautifying the house is of course one of the things that must be done to give a good impression to anyone who sees our house. Not only the interior, decorating the exterior is also important because it will give a view that can be directly seen from outside the house. One idea to maximize the exterior appearance is to use a window box planter. For some ideas, check the following posts.

Stunning look


If you look at the appearance of this planter box, of course you will find the beauty on the walls that look worn. The use of planter boxes with shady flowers and plants makes them appear much more beautiful and attractive.

Elegant look


If you want a simpler look, you can use this one idea. Choosing a plain black box can make your window look less overwhelming. Use some suitable plants combined with this black planter color.

Add a box planter on each window


Not only on one window, you can place this planter box in a row of windows that you have. Place each box on the window with a matching arrangement of plants, to make the exterior of the house look more stunning to anyone who sees it.

Matching color on the planter and the window frame


This box planter has a white color that matches the window frame, making it look as if it is one. Plants that are arranged in a complex way can give a beautiful appearance and make windows more shaded.

Use coconut husk


You can also use coconut husk as a planter that can absorb water well and avoid puddles in the plant. Of course, keep using soil as the main medium which is then covered with coconut husk like this one window planter.

Colorful plant and flower


The selection of plants and flowers is one of the important things when you want to present a window box planter. Like this one idea, you can use a combination of purple plants that make your exterior look more alive.


Refreshing look


The bottom window owned by this house makes it look like it blends in with the surrounding gardens. You can imitate this arrangement idea to give your home a much fresher impression.


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