7 Awesome Garden Path Ideas

Homiful.com -- Garden paths can be a complementary element of the garden. You are no longer confused where to step when you are in the garden. With the right design, even the garden path will become a focal point that beautifies your landscaping. Find some other great inspiration in 7 Awesome Garden Path Ideas, below!

Colorful garden path


Pour your creativity into the garden path design. You can give bright colors to the path. You can achieve this by designing a garden path with rocks as the surface. Paint the rock units in orange, red, and blue colors. This can be a unique path that gives the impression of entering the wonderland garden area. 

Woodcut style path


A garden with contrasting white and black rocks, featuring a border with refreshing greenery. This will be a place for you to relax your tired mind and eyes. Complete it by installing paths or stepping stones in the style of round logs to add dynamism to the garden. 

Curved paving path


An ordinary curved paving path will look extraordinary with a border filled with low flowering plants. Overall, this path can be a gorgeous, magical garden element that you won't forget. 

A minimalist garden path


Garden paths don't always have to be long. You can create a garden path according to your needs. For example, as access between the back porch and the mailbox in front of the house. Garden path designs can be made of concrete or solid materials for outdoor durability. Everything is more perfect, with vacant land filled with neatly manicured lawns. 

Tropical garden path


Garden path you can present from any material. However, if you want a garden path naturally, you can use this garden path as an inspiration. Using pieces of solitary natural stone with black stones to fill in the empty ground. Shady plants and lush vegetation give it a refreshing tropical vibe. 

Garden path with plant cover ground


You can fill in the gaps between one path to another path as you wish. Some fill it with rocks, but it can also fill it with small low plants like this. A garden path model like this one will make the concrete path remain integrated with the green atmosphere of the garden. 

DIY garden path idea


A small front garden can have complete features. Starting from the fountain feature with fish in it, a small shaded pergola, lawn and greenery. Not to mention, there is a small DIY garden path that you can make it a full circle model with the appearance of small stones that add to the excitement of the garden. 

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